Friday, July 1, 2011

First Post : Week 3

Hey everyone, this is the first post however its been 3 months into the masters project. To update things. The project is about a Cyborg awakening on a beach and discover that he has crash landed on earth. The main focus of this project thought to be character animation & Compositing with elements of matte painting.

Softwares being used are mainly Houdini & Nuke. Other application includes Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, Zbrush & PFTrack.

The down side of this current project is the fact that I would have to dive into character design, modelling & texturing a character. Its most definitely not a strength and to get this done I got alot of help from online cyborg references and also feedback from my mates in Uni. As of current, the character modelling is finished and I am onto texturing the character in Zbrush. The reason for using Zbrush is mainly for that fact that UVing is a lot easier than in any other 3d application I know.

i will post more vimeo uploads here so it can be properly updated.

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