Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flipbook of the character animation

This is the flipbook of my current Masters Project.
I have actually handed in my masters project to the University, however the reason why I haven't uploaded anything is because I am fine tuning some stuff in it.
And because it was soo super crunchtime, I haven't got the time to even update my masters project blog. :(

After much feedback from my friends and University lecturers, I think I will fix the jerk of the character on shot03. Reason for that jerk is mainly due to the tracking as the character is very near the camera. I have fix it in 3D already but apparent its not enough.

Shot02 I would cut it alittle bit off the end and add an extra shot to help abit of the continuity.

More to come!

Hopefully in the up coming few days I will be able to properly upload my final masters project I can say done.