Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Compositing Demo Reel

This is my compositing demo reel for 2011. It includes my work done in Bournemouth University and one commercial project.

This is the link to the breakdown.
Compositing Breakdown 2011 PDF


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awaken - Breakdown

This is the breakdown for my masters project, Awaken.

Tracking was done in PFTrack. There were some hand keying on shot 2 and shot 3 because it was sliding and because its too "jerky" for the character.

I design this character from scratch with influences from Iron man and the ninja character from metal gear solid. As I am not so much an illustrator, much of the model was figure out as I am modelling it. I modeled it on proportion with a real human in mind. The modeling tool was Houdini. The character was modeled finished in 10 days including feedback and changes.

The ship model is inspired by Feng zhu's design. It was modeled and broken(literally) in two parts for shot 02 and shot 03. The set of shot 03 was done using RBD of objects. and hand placing them for some of the rocks. This was done in 5 days.

Textures and UVs were done in Zbrush. I never used zbrush properly before until this project. So I had to learn on the fly for it for it. I generated 1k, 2k, and 4k maps to be used on different shots purpose. At this point of this, I still don't have a proper idea of how my shots will be like in composition and size of character in frame. The ship model was also textured in Houdini and merge together with the projection-baked textures in Photoshop. Textures in all took around 10days + extra 2 days for coming back to touch up and re output on a per shot basis.

Rig and character animation was done in Houdini. I have never done any of of those 2 in Houini before but the theory of things is the same as Maya so I picked it up as I went along. Alot of tweaks on the rig was done on a per shot basis to fix penetrations. Rig was done in 4 days and animation in about 4 days.

Lighting and rendering was done with Houdini as well using Mantra. some hi res mesh replacement was done on a per shot basis to get it to look "right". Especially on the first shot, I re output the mesh from Zbrush with a subdiv of 3 and on rendering in houdini there is another subdiv of 2. The longest render time was on shot 01 and its around 15mins because of its close up.

Compositing was done in Nuke. Much of shot 01 is very straightforward but alot of the color palettes were figure out. Shot 3 was extremely heavy as there were alot of 3D cards and the use of 3D projection for clean up of plates. Its more logical to use 3D projection clean up for a very jerky shot like shot 3 as compared to rotoing frame by frame.

Finally, after effects was used to put all the shots together and title, credits and end motion graphics.

And all those is done in a span of 9 weeks for the submission. And yes, many late nights.

This is the link to the Masters Project, "Awaken".
Awaken Masters Project

Hope you like it!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Awaken - A Masters Project VFX Piece

This VFX piece is a final completed masters project I have done in Bournemouth University.

I have touch it up alittle after the submission like adding fire and tweaking some of the grade. etc. A breakdown will be up soon as well.

Software used include:
Houdini, Zbrush, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop

Hope you guys like it!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

shot 01 - just a still

This is just a still frame from the composite of shot 01.

Ship design and test renders

Its some render test that I did for our 2nd presentation. Final stuff coming! I think I might just upload the masters with no break down first. That will be tomorrow. :)